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Why choose Curb-Crete LLC


Hello! My name is Ryan and I am the owner Curb-Crete LLC in Summerville , South Carolina. My employees and I have been installing decorative concrete curbing in the tri county Charleston South Carolina area since 2003. I take great pride in our work and treat every job as if it were my own. Experience, I believe is the most important thing when it comes to decorative concrete curbing.

Curb-Crete LLC offers the most choices of curbing in the Lowcountry, if you are looking for something simple or want to get extra creative that is unique to your home, Curb-Crete LLC can create something marvelous. There are so many different options we can fit into almost any budget.

As an experienced curber, I am very knowledgeable of what good quality curbing should look like.

A low quality curbing job might be attributed to a customer insisting on “the lowest price” or falling for the "we will beat all prices pitch". In most cases, it's just because the customer did not know the difference between excellent curbing and what is not, so they just bought based on price.

Concrete curbing is a permanent asset that will be with your home for the life of your home – so quality of workmanship does matter. Matter of fact, you'll forget about a small price difference over time if you get a great job done – but a poor workmanship will never be forgotten.